Authentic Pasta Carbonara Recipe

Authentic Pasta Carbonara is a simple, easy weeknight meal that your family will love, yet it’s classy and elegant enough for company. With bacon, onions and lots of Parmesan cheese, this classic Italian dish is dressed to impress!

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Authentic Pasta Carbonara Recipe

Servings: 4


8 ounces spaghetti
2 eggs
1/2 pound bacon use more or less to your taste
3/4 cup Parmesan cheese
4-6 cloves of garlic pressed or minced
1/2 of a white or yellow onion diced
1/2 cup chicken stock
parsley for garnish optional
black pepper to taste


  1. Boil your spaghetti noodles until al-dente.
  2. Cook your bacon in a frying pan or in the microwave. If using a frying pan, once the bacon is done, remove it from the pan, and discard all but 1 Tbsp. of the grease. Cut or crumble the bacon so it is bite-sized. READ MORE

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